The DJ vs The Uncontrolled Entertainment

“My Experience is your Assurance”

What are the benefits of hiring Professional DJ over a DIY iPod?

This is a personal choice that comes down to the atmosphere you want created on the big day within your allocated budget. I have heard some horror stories about the results of “uncontrolled entertainment” at weddings i.e. jukeboxes / iPods etc. There can be advertisements, buffering issues, guests crowding around the iPod, selecting a whole album of Celine Dion or Slayer through to playing inappropriate music at inappropriate times.

As an entertainment professional, my advice is clearly to steer clear from DIY music options if you have more than a handful of guests. Aside from the music selection, the quality of sound a professional will provide is significantly better than what you can achieve via a DIY set-up.

I personally have invested in the top of the line sound equipment to provide the best possible audio & visual experience, tailored to your individual preferences.

As a DJ entertainer, I can play anything & everything. I can play over dinner through to closing (midnight shut-off) & set the atmosphere to your liking.

The main reasons why a DJ can never truly be replaced by an iPod:

  • I will give you expert advice based on 30 years of experience
  • My music catalogue / library is extensive & I know what works & what doesn’t
  • I will make all announcements & can MC so everyone knows what is going on (Entrance Music / Cake Cutting / First Dance / Bouquet Toss etc)
  • I take the stress away from you, allowing you to relax & celebrate your big day
  • I take requests on the night allowing for a fluid night of music
  • Can you trust your cousin Johnny to run the iPod after a couple of drinks?
  • I read the crowd & am adaptable to play more of the music your guests love
  • Many venues “offer” the in-house sound system for you to connect into with your iPod, unfortunately a majority of in-house systems are average to be fair & designed solely for ambient music over dinner & but not for dancing.

    You need to consider the atmosphere you want created. The dinner music will be different to the music you have playing while people are mingling (pre & post dinner). There are also the formal songs to be considered, plus the party music across many different genres to engage with & satisfy all your guests’ preferences.

    I would suggest looking at the bigger picture, & guaranteeing seamless entertainment for a stress-free celebration with an industry professional.

    The main things people remember about weddings are: the wedding dress, the venue, the food & of course the entertainment. It’s certainly not the overpriced limo, the extra line of beer you had on tap, nor the extra option you had in Canapés. Put this into perspective when deciding on what is & what isn’t important to you & of course, you want it done right don’t you?

    Don’t walk away from your event with any regrets; if you think it’s expensive hiring a professional just wait until you hire an amateur.

    As your DJ / MC you can be assured that you are dealing with a passionate professional who has 30 years in the DJ industry. I don’t “do” Karaoke / Photo-booth / Dancing on the Cloud options as these are labour intensive & draws my, & your guests attention away from the dance floor.

    I treat every wedding with the upmost professionalism so when you hire DJ Corey you will have the confidence in knowing that “My Experience is your Assurance”.

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