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Understanding the noise restrictions of your venue is vitally important to the success of your event.

As the hirer of the venue, you are responsible for your DJ & ensuring they work within the set limits. These limits are set by the local council & normally range between 90dB to 97dB (decibels) recorded 3 meters from the source OR 67dB from the property boundary (varies slightly between councils).

Your venue needs to have an approved permit by the local authority, should your venue not have approval you will more than likely be restricted to 80dB to avoid neighbour complaints or shut-down by the authorities.


To put 80dB into context, this is the same sound level as your standard dishwasher or your standard dial tone of your telephone! The question you need to ask yourself is ... will you & your guests dance to that? If you only have an acoustic performer with very limited/no amplified music then you may be ok with an 80dB limitation.

Below is a common list of sounds and associated dB ratings so you can put it into perspective:

    40dB Library Noise
    60dB Restaurant Conversations
    75dB Living Room Radio/TV Audio
    80dB Dishwasher
    85dB City Traffic (from inside a car)
    90dB Diesel Truck (from 10 meters away)
    95dB Lawn Mower
    100dB Motorbike/Farm Tractor
    110dB Rock Concerts
    120dB Thunderclap/Chainsaw

    A quick technical explanation:
    Decibels are measured on an exponential scale & not a linear scale so the difficulty in getting a true understanding is probably best summed up by saying for each 10dB, the volume approximately doubles so 90dB is double the volume of 80dB & 100dB is four times the volume of 80dB.

I recommend between 90dB & 100dB which is venue dependent as 100dB is loud especially in enclosed rooms/areas but fine in an outdoor setting so there is no “right dB setting”.

As your DJ/MC you can be assured that you are dealing with a passionate professional who has 30+ years in the DJ industry.

I hope this has been useful & assists in providing you with some information when looking at the fine print of a venues contract. If you find this helpful, please hit the “like” button at “DJ Corey – DJ / MC Professional” on Facebook.

"My Experience is your Assurance".


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