MC Professional

“My Experience is your Assurance”

The purpose of the Master of Ceremonies (The “MC”) is often misunderstood & is certainly underestimated.

While the MC is known for introducing a few speakers & telling a few jokes, the majority of what the MC should do is actually behind the scenes. It is integral to the success of the evening to have a experienced & professional MC who becomes the host of the event & is the communications expert for the reasons outlined below.

1) A reception has a number of inter-connected moving parts & staff. The MC must be your “go-between / liaison person” between you, the venue manager, the caterer, the wedding planner, the videographer, the photographer & the DJ on the night..

2) The MC needs to assist with & advise on the run sheet timings as well as the “do” & the “do not’s” for the night prior to the event.

3) An experienced MC will bring their expertise & be able to offer the preferred & most streamlined way to run your evening ….. & be able to calmly think on their feet should timings slip for unforeseen reasons.

4) An experienced MC will ensure all the vendors are ready before announcing the first dance, cake cutting or speeches, ensuring that everyone is in place to make those moments truly special without a last-minute scramble. As vendors are typically fed after your guests, this is something I have seen all too often as “the MC is now ready to start” without keeping the vendors in the loop.

5) There is also provision to play a game or two depending on your preference, games can be a lot of fun & providing the MC can run them properly & in a timely manner, can certainly enhance the atmosphere of the evening without detracting from the formalities.

6) The wedding MC is entrusted make decisions on the night to keep things running smoothly, to “buffer” the bridal couple so you can relax on the night knowing everything is taken care of. If suppliers have questions or decisions to be made, they should come to the MC to resolve.

The standard welcoming of the guests, doing the formal introductions for your speakers & the bridal party is “MC 101” is what most people think the job of the MC is.

As you can see, there is a lot more to the MC role than the “101”. As your DJ / MC professional you can be assured that you are dealing with someone who 30+ years in the DJ industry & is passionate about getting it 100% for your event.